Financial Engineering

Financial, Legal and Fiscal Engineering
LBO, MBO, OBO operations etc….

C&C is involved in the following negotiations:

  • Development financing in the frame-work of a (LBO)
  • Management buyout (MBO)
  • Management buy-in (MBI)
  • Capitalization for a manager who is a shareholder of part of the value of his company whilst remaining a significant shareholder (OBO)
  • Takeover of a subsidiary or a department of a group by its management team (Spin-Off)
  • Setting up a pole, by external growth, in a specific line of business (Build-Up )
Ingénierie Financière, juridique et Fiscale - Opérations de LBO, MBO, OBO
Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our Services :

  • Assistance with the planning, structuring and assembling of the development plan.
  • Active participation in the strategic ideas of the development plan.
  • Active participation in the definition of the financial strategy to follow.
  • Contact with the specialised financial engineering companies.
  • Recommendations in the selection of the financial engineering company.
  • Follow-up of the implementation and coordination of the other consultants who may intervene.
  • Negotiations to resolve conflict between shareholders and crisis situations.

» Our interlocutors :

Coaching & Capital principaly concerned with entrepreneurs of all sectors of industry as well as managing directors.