Cash Management of Companies and introduction into listed and unlisted markets

Cash management of companies is often poorly remunerated.

Gestion de la Trésorerie des Entreprises

Coaching & Capital is in contact with business banks capable of suggesting investment products made to measure, which guarantees the protection of capital and offers the appropriate remuneration.

Coaching & Capital prepares companies for their introduction to the different places on listed and unlisted markets.

Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our services :

Introduction to places on listed markets :

  • Approach to players likely to introduce companies to places on listed markets.
  • Preparation of companies and assistance in the drafting of documents necessary to the introduction to listed markets.
  • Connection and follow-up with the contributors at the introduction.

Introduction to the place on an unlisted market :

  • Connection to the organisation likely to introduce the company to the unlisted market.
  • Assistance in the drafting and the presentation of the documents to be provided.

» Our interlocutors :

Coaching & Capital is mainly concerned with entrepreneurs in all sections of activities as well as managing directors.