Financing of projects and activities

Financing of projects and activities (bottom-end of balance sheet financing) investments in Risk Capital and Development (top end of balance sheet financing) for companies at different stages of development.

C&C is in contact with a large number of financial organisations in France, in other European countries, in the USA and in Asia (specialised banks, business banks, investment banks, investment funds, pension funds etc.

Financements de projets - Financements d'activités
Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our services :

  • Assistance with the planning, structuring of development and business plans of companies seeking financing and capital.
  • Active participation in strategic ideas.
  • Assessment of financial needs of top and bottem-end of balance sheet financing and debt restructuring.
  • Selection of financial organisations and investment companies capable of intervening, according to their respective vocations.
  • Approach to selected financial targets.
  • Connections
  • Negociations and fund raising.
  • Co-ordination of the consultants concerned; lawyers, chartered accountants, insurance companies etc.

» Our interlocutors :

Coaching & Capital is principaly concerned with entrepreneurs in all sections of activities, managing directors, rescuers and high level sportsmen and women seeking reconversion.