Early-Stages / raising capital

Preparation of companies’ early-stages in their search for capital.

Putting companies early-stages in the presence of investors (private investors or institutional investors who intervene in the creation or the first stages of development) is of no use if the basic preparation work is not carried out.

Coaching & Capital with its Early-Stages Department accompanies the project financiers seeking capital to start their activities or speed up their developments.

Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our services :

  • Dismantle the existance of one or several actual exsisting markets for the products and/or services of the project financiers. We are able to offer sales forces and access to large French or international groups.
  • Ensure that the Management Team has the necessary competences and experience. We can help with recrutments including the selection of active investors.
  • Accompagny the project financier in creating, planning, constructing and putting into practice his Operational Business Plan giving special attention to his objectives, his strategy, his action plan and his financial needs, taking into account his future investor’s expectations.
  • Accompagny the project financier in the creation of his “power point” presentation and his executive summary.
  • Select the private investors, the national and international institutions who may be interested in the project.
  • Participate in negociations to raise capital at the first, second or third round of discussions.

» Our Interlocutors :

Project financiers in early-stages, from creation to development.