Transfers, Hand-overs and Acquisitions

Sales of companies or businesses, external growth operations through the repurchase of companies, diversifications.

Conseil en cessions entreprise

C&C intervenes on behalf of assignors and rescuers in France and abroad.

C&C contributes to the evaluation of companies (in the framework of patromonial reflexion, mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange transactions or financing.)

C&C participates in negociations resulting in successful transactions.

Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our services:

  • Audit strategy – Diagnostic
  • Help with the creation and structure of presentation documents, including the development plan to enhance the value of the company.
  • Active participation in strategic ideas
  • Defining targets for transfers and acquisitions.
  • Target approach
  • Putting into contact selected companies with assignors and rescuers.
  • Transfer and acquisition negociations.
  • Coordination of the consultants concerned : lawyers, chartered accountants, banks, capital development companies etc.
  • Family hand-over of the company; negociations with the partners concerning the company, its managers and shareholders.
  • Reorganisation of the family shareholding.

» Our interlocuters :

Coaching & Capital intervenes in the different stages of development of companies, from their creation to their hand-over. We deal principaly with entrepreneurs, project financiers as well as stock-holders, managing directors, professionals and high level sportsmen and women.