Company and Private Asset Management

Coaching & Capital can assist managers in the decisions they have to make prior to the transfer of their company.

Coaching & Capital can suggest banks capable of supplying services made to measure in the fields of financial asset management and fiscal optimization.

Gestion d’actifs financiers - Approche patrimoniale du chef d'entreprise
Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our services :

Coaching & Capital is in contact with French and international banks which have high reputations, capable of supplying the best services in consultancy and asset management.

They intervene in company and private asset management in activity: financial engineering, legal and fiscal – a balance between company assets and private assets – handover of professional assets in the best legal and fiscal conditions.

They equally intervene in asset management after the transfer of of the managing director’s management tools . These financial operations are managed in the form of securities accounts or included in life insurance contracts or capitalisation.

» Our interlocutors: :

Coaching & Capital is mainly concerned with entrepreneurs in all sections of activities, managing directors, professionals and high level sportsmen and women.