Presentation of Coaching & Capital

Coaching & Capital, in an enterprising spirit and a reactive environnement is a totally independant company, which allows it to choose it’s financial operators and managers on the basis of their competences and without giving preference.

No strategy or particuler kind of investissement is favourised. Its remunerations ensure its independence and alllows full performance in its role as advisor to its clients.

Its aim is to look for solutions to corporate problems which may arise concerning Transfers and Acquisitions, top - and bottom-end of balance sheet financing and financial engineering operations as well as corporate and private cash-flow management.

Coaching & Capital is run by a director and entrepreneur backed by a team of former entrepreneurs combining operational experience, competence, integrity and confidentiality.

They are fully aware of the operational difficulties encountered by company managers.

Coaching and capital
Centre d'expertise sur les Vignobles

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» Our services

Partnership agreements have been sealed with major players in the world of finance and notably with business banks and capital development foundations known for their integrity, reaction capability and professionalism.

Coaching & Capital therefore offers entrepreneurs, in France and abroad, services which solve their problems :

  • General and financial company strategies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing of Companies
  • Fund Raising
  • Financial Engineering

» Our Interlocutors :

Coaching & Capital intervenes in the different stages of development of companies, from their creation to their hand over. We deal principaly with entrepreneurs, project financiers as well as stock-holders, managing directors, professionals and high level sportsmen and women.

» Our correspondents are international :

Asia, United States, Western and Eastern Europe.